Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fresh Violation-Burmese soldiers order to rape Karen women in Burma

New Year Presents- for civilians in Burma

A few days ago when 2008 arrived we greed each other to have a healthy live, peace and prosperity. Yes, because we want New Year bring us a better life, a good health and luck. However, it was not for the civilians in Burma. In late 2007, the Burmese military commanders ordered solders in Mutraw District, Karen State to torture and rape every girls and women on their way to the border. According to the news on January 28 posted at Kwekalu, a Karen online news website, confirmed, “Battalions’ commanders in Eastern part of Burma order soldiers to arrest and rape any girls they saw in that area”. The Karen Information Centre (KIC News) also confirmed this news and District Karen Women Group at the area warmed girls and women to avoid and run away if they knew that attack would happen. Actually, for many of us who watched John Rambo movie, we might visualize what was happening in the movie and was the location that described in the movie. Burmese military have been using torture, rape and violence as a weapon against Karen and other ethnic women at the rural area where the war took place and it was well documented by several human rights institutions. Lately we saw “License to rape” and “Shattering Silence” were among violence conducted by Burmese military against women in rural areas. It is an ongoing practice that happen so long military ruler is in power. Many of the observers might feel that Rambo, this time, a real one, to rescues Burma and bring back democracy and freedom for Burma civilians.

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