Saturday, April 14, 2007

Karen Community of Greater Vancouver_Press_Release

Karen Community of Greater Vancouver
Press ReleaseContact Person: Candy Marvel
March 19, 2007

On March 17, 2007, Karen community of Greater Vancouver, Canada, held a general meeting and election for the first time after a huge arrival of Karen newcomers from Mae La Oon Camp. The recently arrived Karens were genially welcomed to the meeting. The foremost aim of this meeting was to get the newcomers as well as existing members of the local community to come collectively with mutual effort in pursuing the affairs of the community. Representatives of newcomers and on hand members of the local community actively participated in the meeting.

To no surprise, the outcomes of the meeting were remarkably concluded. Delia, one of the Karen newcomers who has been selected as a joint secretary, said that it is very important to have our own community. She added that the transition of their newcomers' journey has been great and without the support of local-based community things would have been extremely devastating. Despite the fact that these Karen newcomers come from a very small community, all of them bring numerous skills and talents. In one-way or another, they were linked with Karen associations based in Burma-Thai borderline. Representatives of Karen newcomers particularly would like to thank Mahn Bee Duu, Mahn Aung Myat Thein, and many others for all their countless effort in making their lives more hopeful in the new country.

Central Executive Committee Members:
Chairperson: Mahn Aung Myat Thein
Vice-chairperson: Saw Baw Meh
Secretary: Mahn Bee Duu
Joint-secretary: Naw DeliaTreasurer: Saw Shee Moe
Auditor 1: Saw Meh
Auditor 2: Saw Say Kaw
Social affairs (Focus- employment and other enhanced skills)- Mahn Myo Thein, Mahn Min Tay
Women and children affairs: Naw Paw Th' Blay Htoo, Nan Dway
Youth affairs: Saw Htoo La Wah, Naw Esther Gay
Fundraising: Naw Lu Lu Thein, Saw Po Gay
Culture and Education: Naw Htoo Lay, Saw Lar May Htoo



Robin said...

i need a contact for the karen community or burmese community in vancouver. i am a canadian who has been to burma and really wants to help!

TNeufeld said...

Tim Neufeld here. I have been hired as a youth program director in Langley, and am looking for resources. Anything that would help directed me in working with the Karen Youth would be beneficial. Thanks for the help